L’Union Sociale pour l’Habitat

A recruiting solution to improve the brand’s visibility and attractiveness

Social housing sector

85 000 employees employees



To recruit top talent in todays’ job market organizations have to focus their recruiting approach on the candidate experience and leverage digital tools to the fullest. To attract top talents to its agencies, USH had to reivent its recruiting strategy, leveraging Talentsoft Recruiting.


Improve USH employer brand Attract people rare & highly specialized skills such as digital modelling or 3D printing Adopt new working methods such as collaborative work and remote work Recruit candidates with a good culture & value fit


Higher visibility and attractiveness for USH Twice as many published job posts: 3,000 in 2016 and already 1,500 during the 1st semester of 2017 Thrice as many identified talents: 20,000 candidates added to the talent pool compared to 7,000 before Enhanced candidate experience with immédiate results

Talentsoft enables us to be more transparent with our candidates regarding available positions within the company, as well as providing fast and personalised automated follow-ups. In two years, we have been able to triple the number of candidates in our talent pool.

Sophie Guerdin
HR development manager